Is your child ready for preschool education ?

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The topic of preschool is a constant matter of debate among parents and child specialists. Different experts have different opinions about whether a child needs to go to preschool. The answer is a simple yes as well as no. Yes, because preschools play a major role in education and all round development of child and no because many kids that didn’t go to preschools or kindergartens still managed to do well in life.

The choice comes down to individual parents. A good preschool can really make a valuable difference in a child’s life but the wrong preschool experience could potentially set a child back by creating a negative perception of school, learning, and socializing.

If you have decided to send your kid to a preschool you must look at what a preschool program has to offer. An ideal preschool builds the foundation of knowledge, culture, numbers etc. It also helps in developing child’s social and emotional skills. Preschool programs don’t work in a defined way. The course curriculum depends upon community to community and place to place. But at the same time, parents can achieve these objectives without the confines of a preschool program. They can create a learning environment at home and focus specifically to child’s education.

If your child has experience of daycare then he is less likely to require social environment of a preschool. If you have a joint family then child will develop social skills on his own. He will know the meaning of playing with others, sharing with others and other key social lessons. Parents can also think of creating a home preschool program for children. They can get such services from local libraries or online learning centers etc and create customized home curriculum for the child. Finally, it boils down to individual choice of parents and quality of preschool program in the neighborhood.

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Early Education in Indian Preschools

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Early education works on concentrating the growth of children. It is very important to hone a child towards social skills and slowly progress him or her towards channelised form of education. Math ideas can be taught in a merry manner. Each child can represent a number and say a poem or rhyme to enjoy the concept. Kids love the use of crayons and the use of chalk. The fun activity also builds strength on their fingers which is essential to later hold the pencil and modulate the essentials for a good hand grip.

The Indian preschools of the franchised sections are very much professional in their ideas. The training is also imparted to the teachers where a friendly atmosphere is retained. It is important to learn the right way and hence kids are primarily spoken too in English and then slowly it goes into independent conversation. The preparatory curriculum consists of days and the monsoon concept. Most preschools start around June which is the monsoon season and there are so many poems like Freckled frogs and Rainy Day which is well animated and taught to them.

Toys and play games are also a part of the curriculum. This helps them to recognize animals, birds, vehicles and other such concepts. The right pronunciation is also taught to them and slowly the nursery level progresses to alphabet writing and fun with mathematics. There is no strict evaluation as the interest level of each child has to be developed. The professionals here also understand the separation anxiety and coax the children to adapt amongst other children.

Scribbling helps them to understand the movement of fingers and colors. This is a wonderful way to help them hold a crayon without actually forcing them. Poems are usually rhymes and sing song type so that they can contribute easily. Along with the same the dance steps are simple, practiced and loved by children. Teachers play a wonderful role in voice modulation and read aloud stories to catch and retain their attention. The story telling on singing a song is also an ideal way to help them increase their vocabulary.

Days are very much related to include Indian festivals, acts, drama and other puppet shows. Though a global approach is practiced by speaking English, the importance of the variety of our culture is well done with the Garba day, Christmas enaction or the parent’s participation. On the whole the early child education is done with a syllabus that includes various personality types related to children and a lot of allowance is given for them to settle well in the class.