Montessori Schools India

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Parents want nothing but best for their children. It is a natural desire of the parents to provide best ever facilities to their kids. On such facility is education. We are living in a time where good education is the key to better living.

However, when it comes to choosing right schools for their kids, parents need to be very selective. They should be firm about their choices and weigh all the pros and cons associated with educational institutions. When it comes to choosing a first school for your little one, parents tend to feel nervy. After all, it is going to be a life-defining moment for both parents and the kids. However, parents will feel more secure with Montessori Method of education.


An Italian lady named Maria Montessori is credited with founding Montessori Method of teaching. She was the firstwoman in Italy to graduate in medicine from the University of Rome. She worked in several capacities like teacher to mentally retarded children, university teaching positions and study of child psychology and philosophy. She spent considerable time in researching philosophy, child development and education.


Montessori schools are wonderful results of lifetime of her efforts. A Montessori school differs from others schools in many ways. The most basic difference is that aim of Montessori is to provide a stimulating, child oriented environment where children are able to explore, touch, and learn without fear.


Each child has a different pace of learning. If a child is pushed into learning, it is not likely to yield desired results. It is important for teachers to understand and encourage child to learn at his own pace so that he can enjoy learning with helpful montessori materials. This way, child feels happy and positive about his path.

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