Preschools in India

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Preschool has become a crucial concept for both child as well as the parents. According to one study, the number of preschools in India is growing at the rate of 40% annually. That really shows how important preschools are turning out to be in the context of Indian education system. Parents, especially in urban areas look forward to enroll their children in preschool because of its obvious benefits. Enrolling kids to preschools helps in preparing them for kindergarten and elementary school. From parents’ point of view, some of them do not have adequate time for the kids because of work and other pressing commitments and for them, preschools come very handy.

Preschools are very important in the initial development of a child’s life. For one, kids get their first taste of education. It is also the first time that they venture out of their comfort zone, i.e., home. They start learning things through play. At this stage of life, kids are not really expected to study. But the actual learning is imparted with the help of interaction with other kids, games, songs and other activities. Children also get to taste independence factor. Preschools contribute significantly in the preliminary education of the child.

Preschools have teachers who also don the mantle of parents. They try to understand each and every child individually. This helps them in figuring out right way of teaching individual child. A preschool has small number of kids so that helps the teachers in focusing on each child individually. Rhymes, games, songs, alphabets and numbers etc are methods through which kids get to lean their first lessons of lives. A child is made to identify different objects. Children are also made to develop different self-help qualities along with basic etiquette’s.

At this age, most of the children suffer from separation anxiety. Preschools aims at making children feel comfortable even while being away from their parents for few hours. From Indian perspective, quality preschools are opening up in different parts of the country. Most of the preschools are private in nature. Franchise model is also evolving rapidly in the preschools. The fact that there is low entry barriers in this segment and number of preschools are relatively low has further helped in attracting quality domestic as well as foreign education players to this emerging segment. The way things are moving in the field of preschools education, sooner than later, preschools are going to have ubiquitous presence in India.

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