Summer Camps at a Preschool Franchise

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The themes for a summer camp are one interesting way to allow children to explore their inner talents. With full time school off and home work missing, children have plenty of time to give for self improvement. The summer camp themes can revolve around the age of the child as tailoring the camps as per their understanding is very important. Children beginning from three and going up to 12 are catered for indoor summer camps.

A preschool franchise has the plus point of having space and a secure environment. Usually the camps range for two to three hours and this is a great time for them to make new friends and relate to hobby concepts. The franchise must bear in mind to retain all boards, notice letters and advertisements even during non school hours so that the contract is not violated. Most summer camps in the preschool franchise are uniform in all centers.

For children below 6 years, the interest is is widely about story telling, adventure, clay moulding, art and craft. They are keen listeners and love to experiment with colors or glue items. The instructor here is surely trained staffs who understand the methodology to guide young children who still are learning their motor skills. Usually children in this age are confident are less conscious and so it easy to guide them with an indoor concept.

The theme for summer camps needs to be on more innovative lines for kids above 6 years. This can include music, instrument playing, board game competition, or other craft ideas like best of waste. Here the concept can also hold interesting talks, quiz and other indoor activities which help them interact freely. Certain summer camps also have the concept of puppet or drama techniques where the children learn a few tricks about the stage.

A preschool franchise has an image in the vicinity and hence advertisement for the same can be done with flyers, hand outs or existing preschool children. Enrolment procedure must be formal along with identity card and other formal notings about the child’s school and allergies if any. Professionally conducting the same will surely bring in more goodwill.

A preschool franchise can also include a few academic curriculums like rhymes, poems, puppet show and other interactions which happen in the nursery level. This is educative and children enjoy this kind of participation. Water play is very interesting with the ready made water pool that allows them to enjoy and mix around with other children.

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