Preschool Curriculum Planning of Special Events and Field Trips

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The motive of having interesting events is to improve interaction. An informal concept of teaching is often embedded in the playschool and kindergarten concept. This allows the child to freely allow an exchange and their physical and visual skills are highly stimulated. Bearing the need for exposure, the field trips to nearby areas are also arranged to give them a proper and authentic exposure to various aspects or cities.

This improves their knowledge and sufficiently helps them to explore various important functions via places of visit or tangible aspects. Visual stimulation is the best way to help the child create awareness. This improves their memory and they are exposed to several ideas and concepts which is useful in the later years.

The field trips to flower garden, play parks, super market or to a picnic allows to feel, express and understand the aspects of travel, discipline, sharing and know about the functioning of a particular model. This is later supported with explanation, reinforcement techniques so that it remains fresh and interesting for the child in the future academic days.

Team spirit too is a major part of the program as it helps them get more focus and allows them more concentration and stay in a group. Brining focus to Indian traditions using costumes, special dance days or sing along atmosphere works well for children and keeps their enthusiasm agile. Having festive days like kite flying as a family concept or a Navrati raas dance is also part of the program which is effective in laying the foundation of the tradition of India.

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