Annual Activities at Preschools

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Annual days are a thrilling experience. Parents often look at it as a flashback to childhood. Children have the ability to make parents proud and this is seen during the onstage performance and routine talks too. Preschool crafts are very much interesting. The annual activities can also include a display of the various craft activities by children like origami or simple paper folding. Along with the same their age and names surely make it interesting for us to admire. Preschool is a time to nourish the slightest talent and also a great experience for a child to be less conscious of others.

An annual competition is generally pre planned by the school along with meritious awards and certificates. The idea is to encourage all children to perform or display and not to look for outstanding performance. Children are born entertainers and those that seem introverted can prove their mettle with individual work like paper craft or drawing. The annual events for a preschool are lined up in the lesson plans. With India being a country of diverse traditions and rituals it is easy to organize for days and shows.

The annual day can be a simple round of garba or dandia raas along with mother or family session. Small scale fairs that involve games and little trinkets can feature as indoor events. Other annual dress days can be a traditional day, black and white day, beach wear day or other small events that involve the children. Children love rhymes and poems and also can learn to hold the mike with narrations, story telling and rhyme.

Christmas is a time of celebration and good cheer. As this is the end of the year, it will be a nice theme to decorate the preschool house in red and white. Parents can have a bake-a-cake competition or try their hand at a drawing competition and children surely love to see their parents trying their best. The time is best for bonding and a casual environment helps children enjoy themselves.

Dance and drama competitions or shows can also be done with the patronage from parents so that children get to know more about stage factor. Annual days surely mean photo sessions, recordings so that memory stays evergreen in our minds which is well captured in the innocent smiles and radiating happiness.

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