Preschool Curriculum

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A curriculum for preschool must have all the components of interesting primary education. As the child is already dealing with changing emotions and staying away from care giver is again quite an issue, it is important to make things interesting and activate his desire to yearn for more interaction. The curriculum goes along the patterns of developing verbal skills along with mental stimulation which is vital for an active child.

Just as each child is different channelising the energy is very much important. The energy can be a diversion to change the perspective of a child in honing her talents and following creative pursuits. It is again essential to have staffs who are trained in Montessori along with the great deal to impart education in the modern trend more particularly with loads of patience. The chart making is another view where the kids are able to stick-cut-paste and also understand a particular subject.

It is very interesting to teach the child about vehicles, animals, birds, ocean concept or games with the help of chart. While ready charts are available, it would certainly help if the kids bring their own pictures and then stick the same in the form of a group. This helps them to gain confidence and also acknowledge the sense of contribution. The curriculum also includes clay making, play and simple question and answer sessions which help them improve their word power. There are several good curriculum designers for preschools in india

Sand play is another form of learning textures and slowly moving on to a world of recognizing shapes and patterns. All children love the abacus stand and counting is actually simple in the same. Blocks are also loved by children and this stimulates their gentle minds. Using blocks to make a vehicle or building surely builds their confidence. Kids at preschool are very interested in colors. A form of game whereby the colors get associated to a person is a wonderful experiment to lead the child to understanding.

Curriculum in the Indian text also includes mythological tales, our traditions, typical dressing and also the various festivals of India. Celebrating the same gives us the sneak preview of the rich heritage of our tradition. The curriculum also includes number work, scribbling pads, pattern drawing, coloring and recognition of basic numbers and alphabets.

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