Montessori Education

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Maria Montessori founded Montessori schools. She was an educator of Italian origin. The Montessori schools are popular all across the world. They have become synonymous with pre-school education. All credits to Maria Montessori for revolutionising the education for small children.

Montessori schools all over the world including India, follow the principles developed by Maria Montessori. Her principles were focused on developing the child mentally, physically and emotionally. Most of the Montessori schools in India are targeted at children in the age group of 2-6 years. However, there are some schools that also provide courses for elementary, middle and high school.

Montessori schools in India are either affiliated to Montessori association or simply tend to follow the Montessori Method with some modifications of their own. A good number of Montessori schools in India are affiliated and recognized by Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI) set up by Maria Montessori in 1929. There are few Montessori organizations in India like Indian Montessori Association (IMA) and Indian Montessori Centre (IMC) to whom many Montessori schools in India are associated.

It is the strongest desire of each parent to provide his child the best education. But academic achievement is not the only thing that plays a crucial role in child’s development. As a child grows up, he also starts having certain vital needs. The primary aim of Montessori education is to fulfillment of these individual needs.

According to the Montessori Method, a child has the inbuilt tendency to learn by himself. To further develop his naturally gifted skills, he needs an encouraging environment and that’s where Montessori schools come into the picture. Montessori Method has key elements of self-education, instructive materials, trained teachers, individual attention and specially prepared environment.

Montessori schools in India are equipped with different types of Montessori Apparatus that has been categorized into arithmetic material, sensorial material, and language material and so on. At some schools, there are more than 100 types of Montessori apparatus. This way, children learn to grade and classify impressions. Most of the Montessori schools in India are located in metro cities. It has yet to spread its reach in rural or semi-urban areas. However, with changing times, various Montessori schools are coming up in small towns and cities of India.

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