Nursery Class at a Preschool

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Poems and rhymes, games and alphabets seem to be of great interest to these toddlers who stride up towards the preschool gates. The curriculum for a montessori preschool with regards to a franchise option is a good consideration. The education or centre is based on an elementary level imparting knowledge in an interesting way for children. Being a franchisee also means living up to the standards that is regarded or expected by parents.

Nursery classes are one grade higher to the entry level of a playschool. Though schools as an institution consider this as the first grade in the pre primary section, several play schools have opened up schools in the nursery level. The primary advantage is that the child is familiar with the school, surroundings and staff and similarly the teachers are well aware about the talents in a child. This is also a good option for parents who are willing to wait so that their child can go to a proper school.

Most preschools have a formal uniform which is comfortable wear. This imparts a standardization along with badge, shades, bag and similar writing materials which comes as a package. Those parents who are thinking of relocation can also opt to keep the children in this franchise so that formal school training can be decided as one settles in a new place. The nursery level education again revolves on the concept of numbers, alphabets and also an introduction to writing.

Once the franchise decides to take the nursery level curriculum a formal training is to be given to the senior teachers. Helpers and other staff are equally important for the upkeep of the image of the franchise. Nursery level education also goes on the same tones of recognition, moving high up to sentence formation, single word reading, phonics and several dramatic narrations that is of key interest to the child. The extra curricular activities are also embedded in the curriculum so that children are aware of indoor games.

Organizing for picnics, field trips and around the playschool makes the child aware of their surroundings. Van facility is surely available in most preschools and child pick up and drop is clearly maintained in a register. Nursery education helps the child to also strongly hold a pencil and make the first alphabet though the accentuation is more about recognizing elements and reading small words. Interesting books, animated teaching is surely good for a child’s confidence.

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