Preschool Activities

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Standardization is one big facility about a franchisee. The apex education institute has a highly qualified staff that initiates curriculum as per the global values and latest trends are incorporated from time to time. As the education has to be done in a subtle yet effective tone it is important to allow the preschoolers activities programmed in a style that is factual and modern in concept. There are several allied activities done in the main curriculum like alphabet and numerals. There are phonics classes and also chart making which is loved by all children.

Playing a game is the best way to teach a child. The sing song numbers only highlight the essence of simplicity and it remains in a child’s minds for a very long time. It is also important to incorporate movement and animation especially while the children learn to move and become more agile which is essential to form a base for interaction. Activities like sand play are very much enjoyed by children. Similarly making castles with ready moulds and using the bucket and shovel is a big drama for kids.

Field trips or picnics are done in a formal way and preschools also involve an event company to organize for the same. The travel, eats, games, venue and other important facets are done in an organized way with the sole aim of giving maximum fun to the kids. This can be done at intervals with visits to park, museums, garden or an aquarium as per the participation level. Another important activity are role plays which are so much of fun for children.

Within regular intervals the franchised preschools also look for fun and games while organizing regular interactions like poem contest or a musical feat. This gives an opportunity for the child to display other talents which is essential for confidence. Along with the same the parents also enjoy the excitement. Annual sports like running race, lemon-spoon walk or the gunny bag jumping are a sure way of bonding with children.

The pattern of teaching in preschool is very much categorized. The usual theme is taught by charts be it names of animals, birds or alphabets. Involving the child in group plays ensures that they learn to work out in a group as well as explore individually. Evaluation is structured and feedback is given to parents in the PTA forum. Suggestions from parents are duly collected and applied wherever necessary.

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