Is your child ready for preschool education ?

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The topic of preschool is a constant matter of debate among parents and child specialists. Different experts have different opinions about whether a child needs to go to preschool. The answer is a simple yes as well as no. Yes, because preschools play a major role in education and all round development of child and no because many kids that didn’t go to preschools or kindergartens still managed to do well in life.

The choice comes down to individual parents. A good preschool can really make a valuable difference in a child’s life but the wrong preschool experience could potentially set a child back by creating a negative perception of school, learning, and socializing.

If you have decided to send your kid to a preschool you must look at what a preschool program has to offer. An ideal preschool builds the foundation of knowledge, culture, numbers etc. It also helps in developing child’s social and emotional skills. Preschool programs don’t work in a defined way. The course curriculum depends upon community to community and place to place. But at the same time, parents can achieve these objectives without the confines of a preschool program. They can create a learning environment at home and focus specifically to child’s education.

If your child has experience of daycare then he is less likely to require social environment of a preschool. If you have a joint family then child will develop social skills on his own. He will know the meaning of playing with others, sharing with others and other key social lessons. Parents can also think of creating a home preschool program for children. They can get such services from local libraries or online learning centers etc and create customized home curriculum for the child. Finally, it boils down to individual choice of parents and quality of preschool program in the neighborhood.

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