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Introduction : Preschool education is the elementary method of education that is seeing new trends in developing the gentle minds of enthusiastic children. The most important thing for a child to learn at preschool is social skills. Conforming to new ideas and safety methods more and more preschools with the franchise option are coming in many suburbs and tier II cities. The early education in the curriculum of the preschool is standardized as per the main educational institute.

Most teachers who work for the franchised preschools are aware of their basic duties and each skill is displayed as per their capacity. The accentuation is on fun or play method of introducing them to alphabets, sentences and also recognition of very simple things. Knowledge is imparted in a steady and simple way and including fun stories, mono acts, drama is also a way which is very well imbibed by children.

The lesson plans for a preschool are done as per the main organization and the leaflets or notices are given well in advance. A log is also maintained at each center so that supervision and control is easy from the apex unit. It is necessary to have standard art and craft studies too so that there is ease in the dissemination of information even at the enquiry stage.

The induction for all franchise options are a detailed way. The logo, name board, advertising is standardized and the franchised units also have to maintain for the upkeep and fa├žade of their particular institute. The curriculum is well tailored and the international trend is soon catching up with urban centers harboring the cosmopolitan look. Parents also have lot of faith in brand value and the name also gives a lot of confidence to enroll their children into a formal early training program.

Looking for a preschool franchise has to be a well thought plan. There is financial investment, optimum usage of space and safety standards which are to be met at all times. Maintaining the sincerity and formal training is being professional which is the main need of any preschool franchise. Investments also calls for toys, charts, pin ups, soft boards and other furniture which has to give the professional look which is very much needed to maintain the decorum.

Many preschools in India also hold several festivals and days that hold significance as per religious calendars. The uniformity of celebration is seen among all cultures and tradition This is the key element for respecting people belonging to different religious sentiments.

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