Safety Points For a Preschool Franchise

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While approaching a franchise, the most important criteria is to understand the concept well. Parent entrust the child in the care of preschool under the able guidance of teachers, helpers and caregivers. Along with the same the rules of safety are also applicable. A proper communication is very much important so that both sets abide by the rules which are of paramount importance to the child’s safety. It is to be remembered that most of preschool business is advertised by word of mouth as parents look for elements of trust, well being and growth in the child while looking for a play school.

Preschool teaching is an interesting experience but also teaches us about safety measures to be adopted while practicing the standard curriculum. As children are very small, they may still have the habit of putting things in the mouth. Proper care must be taken to ensure that toys or small particles do not come off easily. Hairclips, pins must be minimalised and hence it is essential to communicate the same to parents. Wooden toys for puzzles blocks are preferred so that the sharp edges are not harmful to children.

While snacking too, helpers and supervisors must look on them so that the choking hazard does not occur. It is advisable to let the child have soft food and toffees if any must be restricted till the comfort level arises. In case the child is allergic to certain food items, dust or pollen then the same must be communicated so that the child is not exposed to these items. Usually a formal application form along with a doctor’s certificate helps in analyzing the risk tendencies for a child.

Though it is not totally possible to keep the child away from falls and accidents, the teachers certainly take good care of children. Children fighting with each other must also be supervised as aggression can be risky while biting or using nails. A lot can be kept in control while exercising due discipline. Aggressive behavior is common and the parents must be informed about the same to avoid recurrence.

In case the child develops a rash or fever during the course of the class it is advisable to immediately inform the parents or caregiver. The most important facility of van pick up and drop facility should ensure high level of safety with a competent driver who adheres to traffic rules and other safety standards. Timelines are also important for ensuring safety.

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